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CSE Application Form
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Highly Effective Tips and Tricks in Passing the Civil Service Exam in your First Take

Unless you’re pretty sure that luck is always on your side, there’s no other way for you to pass the CSE PPT (or any other exam) than to PREPARE for it and PRACTICE. You have to make time to STUDY. You have to review the subjects covered by the exam bit by bit, whenever you have time to spare.

Now, here are some real-life tips and tricks in passing the Civil Service Exam in your first take (These tips and strategies are based on my personal experience in passing the Dec 2015 CSE-PPT Professional Level Exam in my first take. Strategies and stories shared by other successful examinees were also taken into consideration.):

CSE-PPT FAQs : Should I go for the Civil Service Exam – Professional level or should I take the SubProfessional level first?

Should you take the exam for the Professional level right away or opt for the SubProfessional level first? Most people would go for the CSE-SubProfessional level first before they take the CSE-Professional level. However, there is really no need to take both or to take one after the other. You can simply take the Professional level right away if you are aiming for second-level positions – and if you’re prepared for it.

CSE-PPT FAQs : What is the scope of the Civil Service Examination for Professional and SubProfessional Levels?

The professional level exam has 170 questions which you have to finish answering in 3 hours, while the subprofessional level exam has 165 items which you should finish in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Both the Professional and Subprofessional levels of the exam include 20 Personal Information Questions. (more…)

CSE-PPT FAQs: Can I take the Civil Service Exam?

Do you want to work for the government? You can take the Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test, if you meet the following qualifications…

CSE-PPT FAQs: Why Should I try to Pass the Civil Service Exam?

The CSC or the Civil Service Commission uses the Civil Service Exam or the CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test) to determine which individuals are fit to work for the government. (more…)

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While I was managing a fledgling online business and being a full-time mom to my four kids - Yana, Yshi, Yza and Vincent Jr., I took the Career Service Examination - Pencil and Paper Test - Professional Level (CSE-PPT- Prof) for the first time in December 2015. I passed and I got lucky enough to be among the Top 10 examinees in my batch, 3rd in the National Capital Region.