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CSE Application Form
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COMPLETE GUIDE : How to Apply for the Civil Service Exam 2018 ( + Free CSE Reviewers )

Do you want to take the Civil Service Exam this 2018? If yes, read this entire post and you’ll find out everything you need to know about the upcoming CSE-PPT…

STEP 1: Know what the CSE-PPT is all about

Why should you take the CSE-PPT and what awaits you if you pass? 

The CSC or the Civil Service Commission uses the Civil Service Exam or the CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test) to determine which individuals are fit to work for the government. If you want to work for government agencies and offices, you’ll most likely need a Civil Service Eligibility if you want to get hired and become a permanent employee.

Should you take the Pro or the Sub-Pro level of the examination?

When deciding which level of examination should you take, you should only consider two things: (a) That the Professional Level Exam is more difficult than the SubProfessional Level Exam (Read on to see the topic coverage of both exams); and (b) That naturally, passing the Professional Level Exam will give you more benefits. Those who pass the Professional Level of the exam will be eligible for both first and second level positions in the government that do not involve the practice of a profession and are not covered by special/other laws. On the other hand, those who pass the SubProfessional level can only be appointed to first level positions (clerical, trades, crafts and custodial service).

English: Tips in Answering Paragraph Organization Questions

The Civil Service Exam includes questions wherein you’ll be tasked to arrange a set of sentences to form a logical and coherent paragraph. This section of the CSE-PPT is actually amongst the most time-consuming ones. Reading the para jumbled sentences over and over again – and trying to figure out how they would fit in with each other will take much of your time if you do not know how most civil service exam passages are structured. That’s why it is important to familiarize yourself with some of the most common types of paragraph structures used in aptitude exam questions. Here are they: (more…)

English Lesson # 3: Sentences with Neither – Nor, Either – Or

Most questions in the Sentence Error Identification part of the Civil Service Exam will include those which make use of correlative conjunctions “Neither – Nor” and “Either – Or”.

RULE: In sentences with ‘Neither-Nor’ or ‘Either-Or’, or just ‘Or’ or ‘Nor’, remember that if both the subjects are singular, the verb must be singular. If both are plural, then the verb is plural.

English Lesson 2 : Subjects with Collective Nouns – Singular or Plural Verb?

Does a singular collective noun take a singular or plural verb? It depends.

Rule: Use a singular verb for a collective noun if the noun is acting as one unit. If the members of the collective noun do not agree or are acting differently from each other, use a plural verb.

First things first, what is a Collective Noun? A collective noun is a word for a group of specific items, animals or people.

Here are some examples of collective nouns:

armada     company    clan    caravan
school    thicket    den    flock
nest    sounder    platoon    sloth
swarm    yoke    lodge    committee
class    jury    audience    army
council    family    group    team

Here are some examples on how the rule works:

  • The flute ensemble are tuning their instruments.
  • The flute ensemble is playing at the Kiwanis Music Festival.
  • The pack of dogs were running off in different directions.
  • The pack of dogs is chasing after that poor deer.
  • The townsfolk cheers the hometown little league.
  • The troop disappear in different directions.
  • Every afternoon, the baseball team goes out to the field for practice.
  • The jury disagree about the guilt of the accused and are at lost for a final decision.
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While I was managing a fledgling online business and being a full-time mom to my four kids - Yana, Yshi, Yza and Vincent Jr., I took the Career Service Examination - Pencil and Paper Test - Professional Level (CSE-PPT- Prof) for the first time in December 2015. I passed and I got lucky enough to be among the Top 10 examinees in my batch, 3rd in the National Capital Region.